Gallery - Glass Whiteboards and Glass Dry Erase Boards  Instead of post-it's and paper notes.

Glass Whiteboards and Glass Dry Erase Boards by Clarus,commerical office ideas, office design

According to color psychologist Angela Wright's popular Color Affects System, the color of an environment can have a significant effect on our mental state. Specifically, according to Wright, at least, blue is intellectually stimulating, yellow inspires creativity, red affects the physical body and green inspires calm and balance.

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The Creative Class 4 Manhattan Tech and Media Offices - Arnold Worldwide by TPB Architecture in TriBeCa, New York - Interiordesign

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Office Tour: Creative in Ballard – Wintr’s Kolstrand Building Offices

We design office expansions and interior renovations, creating functional office space designs that lead to better communications and work collaboration.

hdg ::: Hissong + Hurtado Design Group

Inside HDG Architecture and Designs Spokane Offices office space, office design, office interiors

The Offices of Forefront Consulting Group

Office Tour: The Offices of Forefront Consulting Group

Swedish IT and management consultants, Forefront Consulting Group, have an attractive office located in Stockholm. One of the entrants in Sweden's Coolest Office contest, the office boasts spectacular views and no owned workstations.

Shine Australias Sydney Offices

Office Tour: Shine Australia’s Sydney Offices

VIL 1939 700x466 Inside Splunks London Offices

Office Tour: Inside Splunk’s London Offices

The cafe style booths and tables at Splunk offer a breakout space for eating, drinking and socialising.