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Happiness is ignoring the world because you are reading...:-)

Happiness is Pani-Puri & Burger King and buying Reese's for 1 riyal.

Happiness is finding the first good book in a series & knowing there are more to follow.

Flip Side: reading the last book in a series and realizing that the author is dead. And wrote only that series.

Boeken lezen is fijn

Happiness Is Finishing a Phenomenal Book and Having Another Great One To Move On To!

Happiness is...

HAPPINESS IS.reading a book and drinking tea while it’s raining outside.

Happiness is curling up on your favorite chair with hot cocoa (or tea!) and a good book.

But then there's also the disappointment of taking a sip of cold, stagnant cocoa (or tea) because you were so immersed in the book that you forgot your drink existed.

Happiness is

Happiness is

Happiness is a good book.

I love books. I always carry two with me - one to write in and one to read.