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Sentences Make Conversational Sculpture: The Dreamweaver : Nina Jua Klein


I just like this a lot - MK Sentences Make Conversational Sculpture: The Dreamweaver : Nina Jua Klein

valérie buess is a swiss artist who lives in germany. for the last twenty years she has worked primarily with paper   creating intricate sculptures that often resemble urchins, coral and other underwater life.

valérie buess: paper sculptures

Sculpture made by cutting strips into pages still attached to a book and then rolling the strips. Made by Swiss artist Valérie Buess who lives and works in Germany.

.. from an old book

Swiss-born paper artist Valérie Buess has been experimenting with paper for more than 20 years. These are some of her beautiful creations.

Altered book art

This is called Hypertext Book Sculpture created by Stephen Doyle . This book art was up for auction but I think it's already sol.

Lynne Bergherm'Altered Book Show' set for Marin art museum

'Altered Book Show' set for Marin art museum

alaaddinsmagiclamp: “Poetry - Woven Words”, a piece by Lynne Bergherm, in The Altered Book Book Arts Show at the Marin Museum of.

keraflex porcelain - Google zoeken

Not your average type of ceramic art! Fenella Elms - Edges - Very fine ribbons of mostly porcelain clay delicately aligned and joined with slip to create intricate structures -built onto an under-sheet of porcelain - fired together.

Calligraphy done with paper pulp make up these sculptures by Miriam Londoño    “The structure of these books intend to trigger meanings in the mind: what makes a book? Is it the words or the pages, or both? Seen as a sieve of ideas, the books stop being page-by page compilations, to be transformed into fragile nets catching language’s essentials metaphors.”

Text Art: Miriam Londoño visual texts where words rather than written on paper are themselves made ​​of paper through structures made up of lines in space, allowing light to filter through and shadows to emerge.

How to bind a book: a 10-step guide

How to bind a book: a 10-step guide

Karen Lewis explains how to bind a book using some cost-effective binding and stitching techniques.

Single Paper Book by JamesDarrow.deviantart.com    Seriously I will be doing this! Cant tell you how many papers I have taped and folded to make books for Camden!

Single-Paper Book: You just need single sheet of paper to make a mini-book. Use paper to get a bigger book, for a mini-book.