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Espejo de Forja Imperia #Ambar #Muebles #Deco #Interiorismo #Espejos | http://www.ambar-muebles.com/espejo-de-forja-imperia.html

Espejo de Forja Imperia #Ambar #Muebles #Deco #Interiorismo #Espejos | http://www.ambar-muebles.com/espejo-de-forja-imperia.html

Wax drop candle

Time to Get Ready for the Big night! Melt some candles over old candlesticks or even old bottles! ♠️The candle is lit.When darkness Falls♠️

Immagine di candle, light, and black and white

In complete darkness she could still see him. Covered by the white linens, shielded by the fine silk canopy. Sebastian would ultimately realize there was no escaping her.


"My candle burns at both ends; but ah, my foes, and oh, my friends - it gives a lovely light!

| s o m e t h i n g • w i c k e d • t h i s • w a y • c o m e s |

"Aislin kneels up on the back seat with the black candle in front of her and a chunk of amethyst in her hand.

Candles of Prayer ~Werner Kunz

P for all the victims of the Alps accident, all my prayers for the victims and his families❇

Candles were made for love

The glow of the candelabra is beautiful & serene, as its simplistic beauty is reflected in the mirror!

Washing my feet, I noticed the water. And in watching it flow from high to low, My heart was composed Like a fine thoroughbred steed.  Then taking a lamp, I entered the hut, Checked the bedding, Sat down on the bed.  And taking a pin, I pulled out the wick: Like the flame’s unbinding Was the liberation of awareness.  Thig 5:10 Paṭācārā. Theravada Buddhism.

Picture of Bronze antique candlestick with burning candles in darkness stock photo, images and stock photography.


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