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Five Nights at Freddy's Dancing!

Vincent was such a lovely child. Crashing his parents dancing stuff

Blasticheart is amazing at drawing these...go check out her deviantart!!!

The way this person draws reminds me of on of my friends drawing styles.

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Every time a guy teases my friend, the teacher tells him not to, but when my friend punches him as a response to the teasing, nobody says anything.

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The Fuck Just Happen?

You evil soul learning is not only for NERDS! You are offending us asians whom are smart and loving and the other cool asians!

He loves you! | What does Vincent think of you? - Quiz | Quotev

What does Vincent think of you?

dis pic is for meh friend and i need to let you know that vincent is HERS

I have absolutely no idea what's going on, but why not repin it? XD

Slow day at Freddy's

Excuse me, I died on the last pic<----Schmew: XD --- Jeremy is a kawaii animu waifu