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Lockhart Tactical | Lowest Price on Military and Law Enforcement Equipment - Fenix 1000 lumens Rechargeable Flashlight

with tailored rechargeable li-ion battery and standard usb charging cradle, fenix simplifies the way of charging. whether the charging cradle is fixed in the wall or placed in the car, you only need to plug into the flashlight.


Fenix 900 lumen 1x18650 or 2xCR123A High Output Flashlight

if you are not sure what to take to light up your way, then choose fenix it is the comprehensive integration of exquisite body size and high performance in efficient output, long battery duration and far-reaching beam distance.


Fenix 1000 lumens 18650 Magnetic Charging Flashlight

as a magnetic charging flashlight, it is equipped with innovative dual-purpose charging cable features magnetic charging port and micro usb c


Fenix 1000 lumens 1x18650 or 2xCR123A Tactical Flashlight

the fenix flashlight integrates functionality and performance, empowering it as a reliable and indispensable tool in emergency and tactics. this led light is the first to feature fenix new dual tactical tail switch for one-finger operation and insta

ไฟฉาย Fenix TK15c

features three color options with red for enhanced eye shine, green for better distance performance and white for


Fenix 1000 lumens 18650 or 26650 Battery Flashlight

with the latest cree xp-l hi led, fenix features maximum output and maximum beam distanc


Fenix 450 lumens CR123A / 16340 Battery EDC Flashlight

from the appearance, fenix is just a keychain-sized flashlight. while, its high performance will surely surprise you, the intelligent drive circuit boosts max 450 lumens from one 16340 li-ion battery and also ensures the compatibility with the


Fenix LD09 - 220 lumens 14500 or AA Battery Compact Flashlight

features of fenix

Olight R40 Seeker USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1100 Lumens

Olight R40 Seeker USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1100 Lumens

The is a convenient and powerful rechargeable LED flashlight ideal for police, security, industrial, emergency and home applications alike.


Fenix E12 - 130 Lumens One AA Battery Flashlight

the best-selling has now been upgraded and is now the the fenix flashlight turns small size into go-anywhere, functional lighting. a single aa battery kicks out 130 lumens with 22 hours of runtime and a reach of 88 meters.


Fenix 550 lumens 16340 Magnetic Charging Flashlight

is prominent not only as the rechargeable flashlight features magnetic charging but also for its innovative dual-purpose charging cable with magnetic charging port and micro usb charging port. from only one rechargeable 16340 li-ion battery, this


Fenix 6000 lumens Rechargeable Flashlight

what amazes all must be as a rechargeable flashlight features super high output and tough performance, its super high output reaches 6000 lumens and ultra-long distance goes 730 meters. dual side switch is flexible in controlling five output modes,


Fenix 920 lumens 2xCR123A or 1x18650 Long Range Flashlight

the fenix 2014 edition exceeds its worthy predecessor with 920 lumen max output and four brightness levels. durable, reliable and equipped with strobe mode, this flashlight features a ringless beam pattern and two battery options for full-on flexibi

EagleTac MX25L2-C Rechargeable Flashlight (Kit Version) - 3445 Lumens

EagleTac MX25L2-C Rechargeable Flashlight (Kit Version) - 3445 Lumens

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Klarus XT11GT Rechargeable  Torch (2000 Lumens) CREE XHP35

Klarus XT11GT Rechargeable Torch (2000 Lumens) CREE XHP35

Features: Standard Micro-USB rechargeable Big switches designed for easy use while wearing gloves Mode memory recalls the previous brightness setting SOS mode for emergencies Loc

SureFire E2D LED Defender DualOutput LED 200 Lumens -- More info could be found at the image url.Note:It is affiliate link to Amazon.

SureFire LED Defender Dual-Output LED Lumens) The LED is a compact, dual-output flashlight with self-defense enhancements.