Native American believes in falcons. Falcon assists in soul healing; teaches swiftness and aerobatics of life; controls speed and movement.

Share this on WhatsAppNative americans are indigenous people of North America. The natives are composed of different ethnic groups and living across the continental United [.

Leanin' Tree Spirit of the Buffalo Inspirational Greeting Card

Leanin' Tree - A Native American sits bareback on a horse in a golden dreamscape and tribute honoring the beloved bison. From the Indian Heritage collection, "Spirit of the Buffalo by Matt Westrup (mi

AncestryDNA 6 million people have learned more about themselves. Mine probably one of those three type carib, Arawak or Taíno not north American. Close enough!

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Photo by Erika Larsen for National Geographic: Picture of Nez Perce Katie Harris with her horse Ollocot Pendleton, Oregon

“O guerreiro sabe que é da alma que vem o animo então antes de cuidar das feridas físicas e do coração, ele ora ao seu Deus que lhe traga animo, pois de nada valerá a cura física e do coração se o animo e a esperança lhe falta.....Fé é a marca que o guerreiro traz marcado na sua alma”.

Sometimes I go about pitying myself and all the while. I am being carried across the sky by beautiful clouds - Native American Proverb

With the SACRED awareness of Twin Flames it is not a "relationship", or "partnership", it is a REUNION of the ONE SOUL  Understanding the CORE of Creation  In the SOUL awareness of Twin Flames, for the EARTH Reunion, there is nothing to "heal", purely vibrationally aligning the ONE soul for a Reunion of Balance, peace and Harmony   Beyond limited concepts and out-dated theories   For this VIBRATIONAL alchemising "Twin Flame Sacred Keys" TEACHINGS by LIORA

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