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- 1 c of Nutella
- 6 Bananas
- Cocoa Powder (optional)
- Cinnamon (optional)

- Put Nutella and bananas in a blender or food processor and blend until very smooth.  
- Add coco powder or cinnamon to mixture and blend. (Optional)
- Pour mix into freezer safe container (or posicle forms that hold a little over 1/3 c).
- Wait until frozen.
- Enjoy!

Nutella + bananas + blender + freezer = amazing :) I want to try this!

Next time it snows I'm making this!  All you need are 4 ingredients plus some fresh snow!

Snow Ice Cream

This tasty snow ice cream recipe is made with just 4 easy ingredients and REAL SNOW! So simple, so fast, and so delicious!

Coconut milk ice cream FOUR ingredients: canned coconut milk (full fat for best results), cocoa, sweetener (honey, maple syrup, stevia) and vanilla! Sooooo yummy & super easy!

Coconut milk ice cream FOUR ingredients: canned coconut milk (full-fat for best results), cocoa, sweetener (honey, maple syrup, stevia) and vanilla! It is more like ice milk icecream.

Whisk together 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 3/4 cup plain greek yogurt (or vanilla greek yogurt), 3 tbsp cocoa powder, 2 tsp sweetner, 1 tsp vanilla, pinch of salt (optional add in’s or topping: PB2, coconut, dried fruit, nuts, dark chocolate chips, etc). Freeze at least 2 hrs stirring occa.

Homemade Greek Yogurt Chocolate "Ice Cream" One cup almond milk cup non fat greek yogourt 2 tbsp cocoa powder 2 tsp sweetener 1 tsp vanilla extract A pinch of salt.except I wouldn't use non fat Greek yogurt, just reg.

Mini Nutella Cookie Cups 1 cup butter (softened) 1 cup white sugar 1 cup packed brown sugar 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 3 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt Jar of Nutella(12 tablespoons per batch)

Peanut Butter Nutella Cookie Cups

Mini nutella cups make with peanut butter cookies, yumm. I wud u Reese cups instead of nutella

Healthy Nutella Ice Cream   Ingredients:  6 frozen, chopped bananas  3 tbsp nutella  1/4 teaspoon imitation vanilla extract  Servings: 6, Calories: 177.2, Weight Watchers Points: 3  1. Chop up and freeze 6 bananas overnight.  2. Add all ingredients into a food processor or blender.,Refreeze for at least an hour after mixing all the ingredients. Make this on a Sunday and keep it in my freezer all week

Skinny Nutella Ice Cream, 6 frozen, chopped bananas 3 tbsp nutella teaspoon imitation vanilla extract Servings: Calories: Weight Watchers Points: 3 Chop up and freeze 6 bananas overnight. Add all ingredients into a food processor or blender

Choco PB cinnamon yonanas using frozen Greek yogurt, 2 nanas, PB, choco chips n' cinnamon

Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Banana FroYo

Peanut butter, banana frozen yogurt at home - four ingredients and no ice cream maker necessary! Only 159 calories! LOVE the idea of freezing the yogurt in ice cube trays!

Skip store-bought popsicles for a low-fat, homemade option. | 15 Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Childhood Foods

Skinny Cookies & Cream Popsicles — only 100 calories each with vitamins and minerals. replace powdered sugar with cookies and cream protein powder!

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

ice cream sandwich cake - so easy ice cream sandwichs stacked with cool whip, chocolate syrup & m's. Ice cream cake at the lake for Logan's birthday?

1 Can Condensed Milk, 1/2 Gal Chocolate Milk, 8 oz Cool Whip - Wendy's Frosty ... Syd's favorite!

Homemade "Wendy's Frosty"

Wendy's Frosty 1 can condensed milk ½ gal chocolate milk 8 oz. Pour in ice cream maker. Delish ~ made this tonight

Nutella pops!

Mine was . tub cool whip lite (small tub) 1 cup milk cup Jif Salted Caramel spread (cause I'm not that into Nutella) Mix. It's like a pudding before it sets Use paper cups and Popsicle sticks Freeze Try not to eat more than one!

4-ingredient ice cream: 2 bananas, sliced (frozen); 1/2 cup strawberries, sliced (frozen); 2 tbsp unsweetened almond milk; 1/2 tsp vanilla. Put into food processor and let them do their thing until you get a soft-serve consistency. (0 pp+ for Weight Watchers!)

4 Ingredient Ice Cream 2 bananas slices ½ cup frozen strawberries, sliced 2 Tbsp almond milk ½ tsp vanilla Freeze for 2 hrs Process to soft serve Add other blend until smooth Freeze solid Use any frozen fruit

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream: Try it once and you will never go back to store bought. Promise!

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Nutella Banana Ice Cream, non-dairy. 6 bananas and 1 cup Nutella, add cocoa powder if you want but not needed.

Nutella ice cream I'm going to make this as soon as I get some Nutella!