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I want to do this with Pippa :)

Nothing matches the love of a Pitty when it comes to dog breeds! This baby will be protected until his canine pal takes it's last breath.

Although the twins loved the constant attention they received from their human parents, they longed for a sense of individuality and personal expression. #catherineclinch

Coolest Pit Bull Brothers Ever

He’s like the best summer boyfriend you could've ever had. Look at that style!

He’s like the best summer boyfriend you could've ever had. Look at that style!

In case you are having a bad day, here is a picture of a dog wearing water wings and sunglasses: Hey Dude, Let's Hit the Pool and Chill!

Stunning ~♋tmw

Those eyes American Pit Bull Terrier Staffordshire Bluenosed Pitbull Pittie Staffie dog

Pit Bulls like their ears and tails just like they are

Don't crop, let 'em flop! Do not put your pitt thru pain. Leave them as God intended.


Zeus and Zena: Brother and Sister, Pit Bulls. Didn't know that pit bulls looked like this

vicious pitbulls

Funny pictures about The media be like. Oh, and cool pics about The media be like. Also, The media be like.

Order your indestructible Goughnut toy for your pit bull on Amazon! Click on the image!

Would love to have a blue pit bull one day. Pitbulls make great dogs despite there reputation

pit bulls <3

Little blue pit bull baby smiling! Awwww if we were every going to get another puppy, it would be this!

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American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Dog Puppies Hound Dogs Pitbull Pittie I will have a chocolate pit one day!

Beautiful pitbull

"The Unexpected Pit Bull is a not-for-profit organization that creates, markets, and sells merchandise celebrating pit bull dogs. We donate of our net profits to pit bull rescue, education, and advocacy organizations in need of support.


American Pit Bull Terrier dog art portraits, photographs, information and just…