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カート・コバーン コートニー・ラブ  Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love  with Frances Bean Cobain

祝・こどもの日! セレブベビーの命名にまつわるユニークエピソード。

カート・コバーン コートニー・ラブ Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love with Frances Bean Cobain



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Courtney is my wife, and a lot of people could not accept the fact that I'm in love, and that I could be happy. Because she's such a powerful person, and such a threatening person, every sexist within the industry just joined forces and decided to string us up. -Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain on having a baby: "I just want to be situated and secure. I want to make sure we have a house, and make sure we have money saved up in the bank.

La hija de ambos nació en agosto de 1992. El nombre de Frances fue elegido en honor de Frances McKee, la guitarrista del dúo indie rock The Vaselines. El segundo nombre, Bean, se debió a que Kurt al ver la primera ecografía penso que parecía un frijol. Kurt trataba entonces de desintoxicarse.

CBS News reports that another discovery from Kurt Cobain's death scene has been shared by Seattle Police: a handwritten note from Cobain, found in his wallet, about his stinky old wife, Courtney Love.

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Picture of Nirvana — Kurt Cobain, Jason Everman, Chad Channing and Krist Novoselic (from left),

I hate this woman ,she is a  killer.

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new kurt cobain photo exhibit takes a look into his personal world