Lelantos, was the Titan father of Aura by Periboa. He was the son of Coeus and Phoebe and brother to Leto and Asteria. His name was derived from the Greek words lêthô, lanthanô, and lelathon, meaning "to escape notice," "move unseen" or "go unobserved." To scholars, the etymology of his name may have implied that Lelantos was possibly the Titan god of air and the unseen, presiding over the subtle breezes of the wind.

I choose this image because of the eye makeup. I think the red makeup goes well with his white/sliver contour as well as the silver makeup on his shoulder.

Aposte no glitter para fantasia masculina nesse carnaval homens que se cuidam 4 4

Aposte no Glitter na Barba e Corpo para Turbinar a Fantasia de Carnaval

Ph: Paco Peregrin

Congratulations to Paco Peregrín presenting "Narcissus Colour" for Divo a beautiful artistic session, one of a kind. "Narcissus Colour" for Divo.

✿ڿڰۣ Kauai dreaming in Hawaii • Peter Lik Fine Art Photography

Kauai Dreaming ~by Peter Lik Fine Art Photography Sunset in one of my favorite places