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Under the name Yung Cheng Lin, a Taiwanese photographer, focuses on portraits of women with some kind of body manipulation—either literally.

Just discovered photographer Kyle Thompson, IN LOVE with his work. Seriously, check him out, he's amazing.

His Photos May Just Change Your Life

Kyle Thompson — photography - Kyle Thompson is a young photographer from Chicago, Illinois. He specializes in fine art photography, creating his own surreal realities in still images.

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The ability to turn into an organic fire form. Why fire? Ive hated fire ever since my parents died in a giant fire.

Somewhere Else by Kyle Thompson...such a creative guy

Portland, Oregon based self-taught photographer Kyle Thompson creates a surreal world in order to reveal his thoughts and imagination. He likes using empti

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Everyone’s Talking About What This Shy Photographer Did. When You See This, You’ll Understand Why.

A couple of years ago, Kyle Thompson became interested in photography. Unfortunately, his anxiety prevented him from talking to people, so he opted to experiment with self-portraits.