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Diamants de la Naturaleza

Funny pictures about A ladybug after the rain. Oh, and cool pics about A ladybug after the rain. Also, A ladybug after the rain photos.

Immagine correlata

Immagine correlata

a happy bug!

Control your garden with these plant friendly bugs! A good way to get rid of the garden pest without chemicals! Its the way the nature intended it after all!

Ladybug landing

When a Ladybug lands, they slow down their flight, and glide down to a gentle landing on the leaf. slowing down my flight at the end of each day to a gentle landing.

Here for her close-up.

Single shot of a quite active ladybug despite the early morning temperature.by Velian Jagev

Lady bug covered in dew. Looks like a jewel:)

raindrops on roses and dew drops on ladybugs. / ladybug and the morning dew

Lady Bugs

Flight will be difficult this morning folks

David Chambon macro photography of insects covered in morning dew-looks like they are covered in jewels!

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Is there anything else I can use to get the ladybugs out of my house? There is a product called a Ladybug Black Light Trap. It uses radiating black light to attract and contain the ladybugs.