Gingerella : Made from Mother Nature’s magical healer – ginger – grown organically by farmers in the Wayamba region of Sri Lanka. Her clean crisp and fiery kick comes from a unique blend of Fairtrade organic ginger, lemon, Fairtrade organic vanilla from Papua New Guinea and sugar from Paraguay- and the taste of justice.

This ginger ales sassy mouth comes from a rather frisky blend of Fairtrade organic ginger, lemon, vanilla, sugar and spice.


Good ol’ Sailor Vodka Sweden’s first vodka in PET bottle. It’s also one of the first vodka made of organically grown, Swedish barley. The new Swedish eco-vodka is distilled four times and has a clean,.


Whatever this stuff is, I want to drink it. I like how the chaotic calligraphy works with the sleek, beaker like bottles.

Simple, original and effective. This brand its easily recognised in the supermarket shelfs by the use of its typography. I think its really eye catching the way they place the letters combining with a plain coloured background.

(I bought this in Ireland and still have the packaging! Designed by Big Fish. The packaging is soo pretty, moreover it's organic and Fairtrade, you can tell when a designer is proud of the product he works for.

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You'll love these 30 sweet wine bottle label designs, even if you're not an oenophile. Check out these wine label bottle designs for your own inpspiration.

How do you feel today? Sad or Happy? Tired or Flirty? Take Away cup lets you customize your face and mood on your cup by moving the cup sleeve.

Take Away Coffee Cup

How do you feel today? Take Away cup lets you customize your face and mood on your cup by moving the cup sleeve. A fun way to express your emotions, while taking in your favorite beverage from Gawatt Coffee Shop.

Water. Cleans out everything. Especially if you treat your self to some salty good treats.

Manic’s Merrymaking Must-Haves. "This is Water: Eight glasses a day for best health. Hide this bottle in plain sight & use it as a reminder to worship the right things.

Lacy Kuhn • Beehive Honey Squares //

43 Coolest Food Packaging Design Inspiration

Concept Branding and Packaging: ‘Beehive Honey Squares’ - This design caught my eye, because it is simple and unique. I like how the bear looks like it has a mouthful of honey squares.