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Yeeessss...I am BataYAH!!

I am a daughter of a king that's up in heaven and yes I'm talking about God. God is my father and I am his little princess my father protects me from the devil and I trust my father everyday with my life I have nothing to worry about because long less I h

Real reason for modesty.

Modesty isn’t about covering up our bodies because they’re bad, modesty isn’t about hiding ourselves…it’s about revealing our dignity.

Please. :)

Ladies, If a man doesn't fall on his knees in prayer, he doesn't deserve to fall to 1 knee with a ring,

Loving Love and other beautiful things...

God gave his one and only son Jesus Christ who,once lived, died on the cross for us, and rose again. So we sure ought to thank and praise the lord as well as Jesus Christ.

Amen! God has the power to use you to help the world, even if it's just one person's world.

How to Build & Hide a Campfire from Your Enemies — The Dakota Fire Pit

Different kind of woman! yes!

Inspirational picture christian woman, quotes, sayings, wise, elisabeth elliot. Find your favorite picture!

Colosossians 3:1-4 Hope some people read this and get the hint been saying this for a long time my life is between me and God!!!!!!

25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist

modesty ~ teaching him to love you for the right reasons

the beauty and power of a woman

Jason Evert - He came to our school and spoke to us about modesty and abstinence. I don't agree with everything he said but I still respected and loved his speech. I'm very grateful for that.


I want to be a woman quiet in spirit. I want to be a woman known for her good heart. I want to be known as a servant. I want to be a woman after God's own heart.

6 Marks of Biblical Modesty. Worth the read if you'd like to better understand this controversial topic. :)

6 Marks of Biblical Modesty. This article clears up many of the misunderstandings people have about Biblical modesty.

Love this!! Just wish more women did!

Femininity and Modesty in Dress! Oh my, what a great quote for us ladies who are in relationships/married. If another women was dressed the way you are, would you be alright with them around YOUR husband?