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::Toy Bonnie:: by chibi-love69 on DeviantArt

::Toy Bonnie:: by on DeviantArt

Playing a game FNAF

By some guy, who got angry for a damn game called mario thingy and I cant rhyme properly!

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Every time a guy teases my friend, the teacher tells him not to, but when my friend punches him as a response to the teasing, nobody says anything.

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Phone Guy/Scott as Freddy, Jeremy Fitzgerald as Bonnie, Mike Schmidt as Foxy, Purple Guy/Vincent as Golden Freddy (Rebornica's AU)

ok so let's start by all working at freddy fazbears pizza any one can be a animatronics if you went to

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FNaF - Chica's Eggs by Koili.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Chica: guys I laid eggs,I made a nest,and now they're hatching.Freddy:WHAT? Bonnie:they're beautiful! Freddy:Bonnie, are you kidding me?

Honestly the only thing that would actually scare me is the sudden screech. I dislike loud noises unless it's music I'm listening to.

Phone Guy hears himself, Purple Guy was NOT ready for Freddy, Jeremy's self esteem takes an even larger dip, and Mike loses it

Some how fits trash can

What if Chica just wanted to tickle the night gard instead of killing him.

Aww.. Poor Freddy! *hugs him too and look's at Bonnie with an angry face*

DeviantArt: More Like Recovery by EverStarcatcher Aawwww poor Freddy