Doll Hairstyle: Headband Tuck Bun!

Doll Hairstyle: Headband Tuck Bun! (AmericanGirlFan)

I love doll hairstyles that only take a couple minutes to do! The Headband Tuck is one of these styles--extremely easy, but beautiful.

I know youre probably thinking, Upside down...what?! Well, this is my different take on a...

Doll Hairstyle: Upside Down (Easy) Waterfall Braid! (AmericanGirlFan)

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Elsa Frozen American Girl Doll Hairstyle

When we had the fabulous Frozen giveaway provided by WeeLine last month, many of you had asked how I did Elizabeth's hair.

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When you want to keep your doll's hair down, but also want to do something to it, this is the hairstyle for you! Last year I did a post on how to do a Waterfall Twist.

Doll Hairstyle: Fancy Buns for Easter! -

American Girl Doll Hairstyle Fancy Buns for Easter. My dolls are ready for Easter, are yours? If not, here are two hairstyles you can do on your dolls for Easter or any other special occasion!