The Third Teacher: Architect Trung Le from OWPP//Cannon Design in Chicago talks about North Shore Country Day School, a 21st century high school outside of Chicago, IL.

Architect Trung Le from OWPP//Cannon Design in Chicago talks about North Shore Country Day School, a century high school outside of Chicago, IL. Video produced by North Shore Country Day School.

Teachers try a variety of new methods (rolling desks, standing stations) in classroom environment management that gives students more flexibility and responsibility. The video shows how some teachers were initially having negative reactions to the idea, but once it was tried, experienced no problems. In fact, students seemed to be more attentive and focused with the new learning environment. Bodies in motion=brains in motion.

▶A Flexible Learning Environment creates active learning which leads to the students being able to keep focus.

SweetSearch: search engine for kids that only uses sites vetted by media specialists and teachers.

SweetSearch – A Search Engine for Students

SweetSearch is a Search Engine for Students. I was recently introduced to SweetSearch by one of my podcast guests that uses the search engine in her classes to help curate content.

'Make Space' book for examples of standup flexible furniture

Stanford Aids Design Thinking

Stanford Design School and Steelcase case study - creating flexible spaces that encourage creativity and creation

node classroom chair and Tribeca

Classroom Furniture Solutions for Education

Learn what's really happening in today's classrooms through the eyes of a state-of-the-art school, and how the new Steelcase node classroom chair helped solve their needs.

20 Things Educators Need To Know About Learning Spaces

awesome Open Design Space at EPFL - space as an instrument for business model innovation and visual thinking

▶ The case for space: Sean Corcorran at TEDxLaSierraUniversity - YouTube

"We try to figure out how to design spaces intentionally for the behaviours and activities and interactions that you want to happen as opposed to the ones you don't want to happen. Corcorran, General Manager of Steelcase

I am usually skeptical of the charter school movement, as too often profit gets prioritized before the best interest of the students, but this one is run by a non-profit organization called EdVisions backed by the Gates Foundation and really caught my attention...

A charter school breaking the "rules" of education.

Educators respond positively to the flexibility of Node and Verb in active learning situations. #activelearning #classroomideas

See what happens when two classes at Coastline Community College experience a Verb classroom for the first time. Verb instantly transforms the learning environment by offering flexibility and collaborative tools for students and instructors.

This student centered learning classroom allows for group work at round tables and lots of computer/video screens. According to Oblinger space can impact learning and bring people together.

Is Alexandria Area High School the high school of the future? Taking ideas from Google about how it should be

Alexandria, Minnesota’s new high school could teach your so-called “open office” a thing or two.

29% of schools now allow pupils to use their smartphone during lessons | Information Age

of schools now allow pupils to use their smartphone during lessons Research reveals a quarter of teachers believe digital learning boosts exam results by at least one grade