Frans Boekkooi - South African Artist

The Art World directory of artists from South Africa features South African artist Frans Boekkooi - Sculptures by Frans Boekkooi.

"Octopus Lady", ca. 1925, France. Sculpted by Demeter Chiparus.

Demetre H. Chiparus sculpture__"Octopus Lady", ca. France Sculpted by Demetre Chiparus -- one of my favorite smaller sculptures of all times.

Mary Sibande. This is one of the most wonderful things I have seen. It is huge!

Mary Sibande – poking at power relations in post-apartheid South Africa - The South African Art Times

Sculptures by Bruno Catalano

Sculptures by Bruno Catalano

French sculptor Bruno Catalano works in bronze sculpture, with a reoccuring motif. His figures are always lacking mid sections, and seem to be eerily suspended in mid air. Each of his sculptures feature somebody with a suitcase in hand, usually wi.


Valérie Hadida – Femme au galet, sculptures ( everyone gets the occasional 'bad hair day' ! OK it's a HAIRY moment when you look in the mirror and realise it's going to be your 'bad hair day' today 💨😱💈✔️

Love Art, Painters, African


JURGA MARTIN: title unknown [boy on rolling stool], Medium unknown. Such personality in the pose and facial features!

'Koi II' pencil and watercolour drawing by Elisa Ancori, from her 'Five Mermaids' series