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This is a tutorial for weaving designs using two colors of alternating simple warp floats. Here I will show you how to weave the border design from a yurt band which you can see below.

Tutorial-4-strand braid | Backstrap Weaving

Tutorial-4-strand braid

I don't recall who first taught me to make this braid. All I know is that I already knew how to make it when I went to learn to weave in Potosi. When I had finished my pieces on the staked-out ground loom, my weaving teacher offered to teach me to make a

Resultado de imagen para artesania mapuche tejidos

Resultado de imagen para artesania mapuche tejidos

ASpinnerWeaver: A Dozen Plain Weave Pattern Drafts

Recently, I've been doing some fast weaving to build up my inventory of guitar straps. It is fun for me to line them all up and compare a.

Tablet Weaving. Look at that tapered tip!

Jak działa kołowrotek tkacki, bardko tkackie i tkactwo tabliczkowe

Lalen kuzé, pequeña tejedora    de arrugadas manos   de tanto hilar,   pasas días y noches   estirando el vellón;   juntando lana   ...

I know these are separate colored-threads, but could try intentional pooling?