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Hmm, I see Nehlik is trying to win Pria over again. A rose made of fire, huh? Creative, my dear Fire-Wielder. But will it impress HER?

“The greatest and most important problems of life are all fundamentally insoluble. They can never be solved but only outgrown. Jung ("The Flaming Rose" Uncredited, Smoke Art


No description, because I'd like to leave room for interpretations. All photos of DanieOpheliac may NOT be used, reproduced or redistributed in any mann. Sin and Innocence

ولويش بحطك بال cc لما عندو اجتماع ؟ وانت بتحطي accept الوحيده من بين الكل؟ هاي الاشياء بتقهرني. وخلص اعملي اللي بدك اياه . انا من يوم وطالع مسكر ثمي احسن الي. بكفي فاضح حالي. مش غيره هاي، هاي اشياء مالهاش طعمه. اسا تصبحي عخير. بدي انام لانه عندي نهار اخو مفطسه بكره. انبسطي بالرحله بكره. وديربالك عحالك.

Even roses have thorns Gloraeanna ♡ Grunge aesthetic dark mystic lovely kawaii pastel goth love mist cloudy depressed happy sad alone help me