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A Kawanishi H8K Type 2 delivering supplies to a Japanese held island garrison.

A Kawanishi Type 2 delivering supplies to a Japanese held island garrison.



Sam A7M Reppu file photo

A7M Reppu

Post-war photographs of the Mitsubishi Reppu fighter prototype no. 3 at the Misawa Air Base, with propeller and armaments removed.


The Nakajima (Navy Type 2 Interceptor/Fighter-Bomber) was a single-crew float seaplane based on the Mitsubishi Zero Model The Allied repo.

F-105 #military aviation

The Canadian Forces flew the Starfighter, a modified version built in Canada by Canadair under licence. The Starfighter was retired from Canadian service and replaced by the McDonnell Douglas Hornet. Starfighter served with No.

USCG Douglas RD2 June1932.jpg

USCG Douglas June, One was procured by the U. Navy as a transport for President Franklin D. Although never used by Roosevelt, this was the first aircraft procured to provide transportation for the President of the United States