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[NEW POST infographic] -> The Science of Getting Drunk [infographic] | Where hundred stories meet http://genfsolution.com/human-growth-hormone-and-weight-loss/

Food infographic Visualistan: The Science of Getting Drunk Infographic Description The Science of Getting Drunk #

When we experience a traumatic event like a #concussion or #PTSD it can make us very emotional. This infographic by Best Psychology Degrees shows us a quick guide to emotions and the parts of the brain responsible for it.

How To Retrain Your Brain

Schrodinger's Cat Flap, "Am I in or out?

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I c so many pics of girls in the bathroom my daughter is just as bad for it.

First part is definitely true of Lindsey!

Guys who want you to play video games love you .and also need a healer. So that's why my brother wants me to play video games.

Print of Henry Tudor (Henry VIII), "HVIIIers Gonna HVIII," from woodblock. (Print 9.25" x 7.25" on 8.5" x 11" cotton paper)

That pun. Is the greatest thing I've ever seen. In my entire life.


I'm sorry, I wasn't ignoring you. I was just wishing we were better strangers.

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lol my biology teacher has referred to me as Sigmund ever since i told him i want to be a psychologist

How your Personality Type Can Affect your Mental Health

Personality types prone to mental health conditions (infographic): A helpful chart to keep yourself and your mental and emotional states in healthy balance.

Pretty much 😚

Pink Freud

"Where does a thought go when it is forgotten?" -Sigmund Freud, psychologist, founder of analytical psychology