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Las directioners estás esperando con impaciencia el mes de agosto, mes elegido para el estreno de la peli de 1D. Pues hoy os traemos la respuesta a algunas preguntas que os van a dejar con más ganas de ver ya la peli.  El director de This Is Us respondió a través de Twitter a unas cuantas preguntas que le hicieron las directioners sobre la esperada peli documental de One Direction. Ahí van:  ¿Los chicos eligieron el título de la película? “Sí, llegaron con el título ellos mismos. Rea

One Direction cement their status as the world's biggest boyband as they sell out Madison Square Garden to critical acclaim

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love yourself as much as niall loves one direction. Now we all know that the biggest Directioner is the only Niall Horan!

One direction ❤❤

Comment your favorite thing about One Direction, Mine is the way they never fail to make me smile.<<< and the way they make me cry both because of happiness and sadness at the same time, no one (besides ed and his amazing music) can make me do that

I just want to marry Zayn. That's all I want.《《except he has Perrie and I could never compete with that.

Aweeee niall acting like a 5 year old and zayn being all like ohh i remember when I was young and immature

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Hahahahaha Harry and Niall just awkwardly laughing without the soft drink lol

me and Liam were twinning when I went to the Jingle Ball concert in Dallas guys, I was wearing the same exact pattern shirt except mine was short sleeved. it's a sign lol jk xx