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The hunters have become the hunted. Show you’re in for every dreadful adventure with the Penny Dreadful Ethan In Snow Poster. The 11 by 17 inch poster features your favorite sharpshooter and werewolf Ethan Chandler.

Penny Dreadful | Season 2 |  Patti LuPone  as Joan Clayton

Penny Dreadful Season 2 Episode 3 is titled "The Nightcomers" and airs Sunday, May Enjoy this first look at the upcoming installment.

"They wanted me to kill him, but I couldn't do it.  How the hell can you kill your own brother.  No one could, unless they truly hated them with their entire life."

victor frankenstein (this smoll angel full of darkness)

Also while working on my other Penny Dreadful piece, thought about experimenting with a movie poster look. Just wanted to share. (via @ichabod1799)

So I was on a Penny Dreadful bender since the third season started up this week, and I've been patiently waiting for my order of the comic to arrive too. Penny Dreadful - When Lucifer Fell

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‘Penny Dreadful’: Posters de la segunda temporada con Josh Hartnett y Eva Green

Resultado de imagem para dália negra american horror story

Resultado de imagem para dália negra american horror story

HABLANDO EN SERIE: Penny Dreadful. Horror Gótico en el Londres de Jack el Destripador - 45600mgzn

PENNY DREADFUL is a frightening psychological thriller that weaves together classic horror origin stories into a new adult drama. The Showtime TV seri.