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And all I need to do is just breathe. Just breathe a prayer of thankfulness, for all You do. Just breathe a prayer of worship, an offering unto You. Just breathe a prayer, surrendering, "Thy will be done" anew. Then all I need to do is just breathe.

I can't wait to go how for the holidays and remember the sounds of the Pacific Northwest! #nature #Washington

For everything else around u may seem still but be quiet and listen. Hear the sound of the living. Climb a tree and let the sun shine down on u and let ur skin soak in the light.

Find a beautiful place to get lost this weekend.

Travel Quote - Lets Find Some Beautiful Place To Get Lost. Ever wondered of telling your partner to find some beautiful place to get lost and visit it too?

The brain calms. It releases all the horrors of stress and again begins to function properly. This brings the back faith in one's self.

❤"In the woods we return to reason and faith. " This pic reminds me of an old favorite hiking spot where I used to go gather my thoughts and let God speak to me and inspire me all over again.

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Its just a bad day, not a bad life.reminding my self of thi after a verrry bad day.

The importance of a good adventure every now and then

We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong. but adventures are quite wonderful and ya can't live without em.

create memories

Natural Dupe of Glam Glow Mud Masks -

Travel sentence "Collect moments not things" / "Colecciona momentos no cosas "

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