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pabitel: a person fascinated by their own fate, in love with life, does and says unreasonable things, searches for beauty in the simplest objects and events, and likes to twist reality around to fit.

Clapping (verb,) Repeatedly high-fiving yourself for someone else's accomplishments.

Clapping (verb,) Repeatedly high-fiving yourself for someone else& accomplishments.

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awkward: how 11 year olds are in relationships and kissing and stuff when I can’t even order sth at McDonald’s without stuttering

pet: the only member of your family you actually like #teendefinition

I have a dog called Brooke, she's doesn't scratch computer screens but she does like to watch tv with me!

i won’t tell anybody.: i won’t tell anybody but my best friend.

Miley and Lilly miss these two. I grew up watching Hannah Montana and loved seeing these two besties in action. Now that they're in this pic, I notice how much I truly miss the TV besties.

Although school can be boring, and I know this is weird, but I actually like it. And it isn't bc I get to hang out with my 'friends'. lol

school: the plece where i am forced to wake up at a stupid hour, learn stupid things, and be surrounded by stupid people