#quilling #flowers

#quilling #flowers

Welcome! | VK

Welcome! | VK

*QUILLING ~ Мастер-класс Квиллинг: Ирисы Бумажные полосы 8 марта, День рождения. Фото 1

*QUILLING ~ Master class on March 8 Birthday Paper Quilling beautiful purple flowersIrises band photo 1

flowers by chocolatedoodle

*QUILLING ~ Painting mural drawing Birthday Mother's Day Teacher's Day Quilling Bells my little flowers steppe Paper band photo 2

Sun Paper Art / Mini Canvas / Quilling by SimplyQuilledDesigns

Sun Paper Art / Mini Canvas / Quilling Paper / Home Office Decor / Housewarming Gift / Yellow / Git For Her

I love the mix of art mediums here. This is absolutely gorgeous. I have to remember the whole "piece" doesn't have to be paper quilled!!!

This is such a beautiful quilled design, such a variety of colors and techniques to make this visually appealing painting with quilling

Картина, панно Квиллинг: На солнечной полянке. Бумажные полосы. Фото 6

*QUILLING ~ Painting panels pattern Quilling On the sunny meadow Photo Paper strips 2