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Day 5 - App Icon by Andrew Kovardakov

Day 5 - App Icon

Hello again) This task on today) App Icon.

Stachematic #mustache

LAB(512) Stachematic, Zombiematic, Santamatic and Bobblematic

The logo is not really relevant, but I like the geometric background, as well as the colors.

Greenometry @2x

Greenometry x by Mike Beecham by Katy DeCorah ( F. DeCorah on CodePen) and Dribbble inspiration

iPhone App Icon

iPhone App Icon

30 Absolutely Epic App Icon Designs for Inspiration - UltraLinx

30 Absolutely Epic App Icon Designs for Inspiration

App icon design is easily one of the most important aspects of an app. When you've put your app in an app store, the icon represents that app, if it is awfully

Pivotshare App Icon by Ryan Ford

Pivotshare App Icon

Education App Icon by Nacho Ortega

Education App Icon

Creative App Icon Keychains by PixilShop on Etsy, $10.00

Items similar to Creative App Icon Keychains on Etsy

Productívate app icon


Icon and logo design for a startup app that makes more easy done your tasks, this is not a task manager, just an application who help you socially to increase your productivity.