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Haha so true

True... And I can't even hold a wet bar a soap.... So I guess I really got nothing XD

this is so true honestly

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more of the second half tho because i mean we are talking about ME here 💅🏼👑💁🏻


this is disgustingly accurate

Oh, I dunno, I get pretty loud when I'm hungry "I NEED FOOD WHERE'S MY FOOD FOOOOOD GIMME" sorry. I'm kinda hungry.

im kinda hungry right now.

Then The teacher asks,"How did you get that?" Me, ".......uhhhh....."

The guess and hope method in math:

Species of rodent

This is so freaking true

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dis fr me

but i don't like needles so can they just knock me out the old fashion way, a large heavy object?

Donate body fat to those in need

THIS. A million times this. I freaking hate when people bring these times up hahaha

I freaking hate when people bring these times up

The truth.

Good bye cruel world

my thoughts exactly when it comes to boys my own age...teenage dudes are the lamest species ever...

Accurate Post is Accurate.

Definitely happens to every girl

So true do this all the time

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I hate how freaking true that is

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This is my grandmaaaaa

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