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Dead Island Riptide Wallpapers in P HD « Video

Nick Fury waking up the Avengers. Steve woke up to the sound of FREEDOM, this is hilarious.

How to Properly Wake Up The Avengers <- super funny/witty!

Zombie kit :) for Eric's bday or Father's Day gift!!

In case of Zombies Break Glass! I want my own Zombie Emergency Kit.

Deadpool/ Dark Knight Parody poster

ImaginativeHobbyist on

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Movie Poster

Making it Wayne @brittlol3 t

And the best super power is...

Get 'em batman.

That moment when you realize...

Barber I lost it at Red Skull/Magneto. And Daredevil is now Batman. I'm just sayin'.

See cap likes to make ordinary people feel usefull and helpfull remember he wasnt at one point he just wants to make everyone feel usefull :)

Batman rarely has anything under control aside from his emotions, Cap cares about the safety of others though he can tend to accept loss of life as almost inevitable rather than planning better as Batman would.

Red Dead Island

Red Dead Island

Dead Island Wallpapers

Dead Island Wallpapers

The difference between Left4dead and Dead island.

Left 4 Dead vs Dead Island, so true. I'm pretty sure there are times where I'll just stay in high places in Dead Island and just throw things.