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Hey, why didn't someone TELL me this gathering was a dress-up affair? I look like I just fell outta the nest!

Awwww.... I don't have kids but all the babies in the wheelbarrow would be cute idea. Rachel

McCall you still have rob's wheelbarrow? Let's take the kids to Frontier Park this weekend :) Fall pic idea

This is the rare PeaCat

This is the rare PeaCat

Creatures from the three kingdoms --Peacock Cat. I love how they brought out the liquid of the cat with the ruffled feathers!

Deer in the morning mist                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Deer in the morning mist. Hate that this beautiful pic. has deer hunting tips.

(...)  Se observamos o mundo com amor, perceberemos que o mundo acontece primeiramente dentro de nós e, se cuidamos e regamos os jardins das nossas almas, a vida floresce!  Com os silêncios também crescemos, nosso espírito anseia por uma luz que nos fará renascer - completamente - inteiros!  -Vitor Ávila

Ascension is about lifting, balancing and harmonizing your vibrational patterns so that the many facets of your Divine Self can descend and take dominion within your Sacred Heart core.

http://ueberschriftennews.blogspot.com/2012/05/historische-wertpapiere-mehr-als-kleine.html  don't look

The Mysterious "Shy Guy"

Sodra jy hoop kies is enigiets moontlik... #Afrikaans #AngelArt #hope  ©Rut[rutcreations.com][Rut Art/FB]

Sodra jy hoop kies is enigiets moontlik... #Afrikaans #AngelArt #hope ©Rut[rutcreations.com][Rut Art/FB]


Spring Blooms by artist Paula Nizamas - Original Abstract Modern Texture Painting

amanda cass artist - Pesquisa Google

Heart painting with red roses. Black, white and red painting by Amanda Cass Artist.