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These things that have got me wondering how will I get through one more day. I dance in the sun praying for smiles on my heart and soul.

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romancelovelust: “There was a chance she would fall into the water. Although she would have liked better odds, those were good enough. She gathered her strength, wrapped herself in courage.and ran, full speed, towards the cliff.

Hazin bir masaldı sanki yaşanan Hasret, özlem, sızı  Ve acı yolunu gözlüyordu sevinçlerin Sevgilerin…  Sevmenin, sevilmenin dayanılmaz Karşı konulmaz yanlarını görmüştü gözlerim Sükut içerisinde bekliyordu gelecek Güzel ve neşe dolu günleri…  Karanlıktı devran Kanıyordu yara Bekliyordu içimdeki kız çocuğu Uysal, masum bir de hüzün dolu saatlerde…  Yanıyordu sinesinde açılan gül yarası Dağlanıyordu sol yanı Alçılasan, tutmaz… Ağır  Çok ağır… Kefeye koysan dara almaz…  ( Adım Aylin )

After cheating on her boyfriend with her playboy billionaire boss, Krystal thought that he'll be the only one gone but as if it wasn't enough everyone around her started to leave one by one.

Photo - Sunday Evenings.

~ Sunsets' blankets drawn slowly over the flower bed meadows, out across the countryside, which all the while, is embracing the warmth of the sun's last kiss.

Under the water the world was so much different. There was no up or down, no left or right.


This would be so cool if the album ends up being titled "Gasoline" if we used fire and smoke to surround me instead of fog. Obsessed with the black and white and old looking photo style.

there are other people out there - singing the same melodies of wanderlust, climbing over mountains in the dark, and waking in the night to stare at the moon, thinking of this large world and dreaming - just like you." I Apex Curve

Beautiful Photography

The human hearts knows things that the eyes don’t...


"We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer." — Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Letters and Papers from Prison)