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Nunca Entenderan Tu Vida

Nunca Entenderan Tu Vida

This is for all my sweet friends in India  Spread  Syed Rinku  Deepika Ashita Sujeeta   Anupama  Manoj thanks for being i my life lots of love to u all  from Leena

Friends are the flowers in the garden of life friendship quote flowers friend friendship quote friend quote graphic

Oraciones que llegan a Dios, el escucha toda Oracion!

Remember that tears are prayers that go to God when you can't talk.

{Color Inspiration} Yellow

{Color Inspiration} Yellow

Meaning Of The Color Yellow - Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Beams of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Yellow instills energy, open communication and can spark creative thoughts.

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Funny Friendship and best friend funny quotes,,,Pretty sure this describes both of us!

❤️Friendship (so far, us Oklahomans are doing well, as the weather goes, the storm's are to come in around 5ish to 8 tonight, I'll let you know more hopefully if the lightning hasn't become a issue) (thank you for all those that are praying for us Oklahomans, God Bless you) love each of you sweetness ❤ sweet sister's ❤ ❤ ❤

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I love you all in Christ Jesus. I pray you have a great day. don't ever forget how faithful Jesus love is.may God reign down blessings upon you!

Morning Good morning ~ Sentiment greetings #Friday

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The Best Zodiac Facts

Zodiac City: Source For Zodiac Sign Info, well alrighty then