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Anthony Perkins and Françoise Sagan, 1960.  http://jewahl.tumblr.com/post/27861551689/anthony-perkins-and-francoise-sagan-1960

“anthony perkins with francoise sagan in kitten cuddling scandal!


Impresionantes fotografias retro y raras de celebridades !

Before I started working on Green Mansions, I photographed Audrey and the little fawn deer that was living with her. The animal trainers advised the production that if they wished the fawn to.

Psycho (1963) I On the Set I AH, Janet Leight, Anthony Perkins

Actor Anthony Perkins, Director Alfred Hitchcock and Actress Janet Leigh on the set of "Psycho"

Anthony Perkins and Patrizia Mangano Photo-Op: Film Prep We live in the slob era, a wasteland of sagging jeans, rumpled T-shirts and slapping flip-flops. And that’s just Hollywood. You don’t have to look all the way back to a tuxedo-clad Cary Grant...

Anthony Perkins with Patrizia Mangano from ’Hollywood and the Ivy Look’ when ‘Hollywood hipsters appropriated the incomparable Ivy League clothing of America’s East Coast elite.

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The beautiful Anthony Perkins. I'm so sorry times were different back when he was alive.

Anthony Perkins

"Guess Who's at the Typewriter? 20 Questions" -- Click-through initially gave only a clue; now has clue & answer. Shown here: "Norman: Anthony Perkins" -- Doesn't look very comfy.