As we've seen previously, with Levi Hopkins' art, there's some outstanding work being done at ArenaNet on Guild Wars An impression that's only reinforced looking at the contributions of Kekai Kotaki.

king-phar: “ kekai-k: “ Guild Wars Dragons circa the first designs I did for the potential Elder Dragons in Designs were unused which is common. ” these dragons… i love them.

TREMBLE BEFORE ME SPINLESS HUMANS!!! it is an honor to DIE under the wings of a KING. -King Tywrathon-

frznflame: “ kekai-k: “ Some various Dragon illustration jobs I’ve done over the years ” Don’t fuck with dragons.

IMG 6426

IMG 6426

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Hell Dragon designed by *camilkuo - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Dragon, Drawings, Fantasy, Fire, Paintings & Airbrushing by Fribly Editorial

*** FANTASY ***

*** FANTASY ***

The art of Kolaghan and her brood. Swift, spectacular and sizzling.Dragonlord Kolaghan by Jaime JonesBoltwing Marauder by Raymond SwanlandBoltwing Marauder (intro pack) by DaarkenThunderbreak Regent by Ryan PancoastThunderbreak Regent (game day) by Jason RainvilleSwift Warkite by IzzyStormwing Dragon by Svetlin VelinovKolaghan Monument by Daniel Ljunggren

The art of Kolaghan and her brood. Swift, spectacular and sizzling. Dragonlord Kolaghan by Jaime Jones Boltwing Marauder by Raymond Swanland Boltwing Marauder (intro pack) by Daarken Thunderbreak.