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Haus of Hell*: Weird World...#33...Ice Hair...*

They resemble strands of hair, even to the touch, but it comes to ice struck from Pseudomonas syringae, a specific bacterium which .

Spiral Iceberg in Antarctica...looks like a woman looking up into the sky

Spiral iceberg in Antarctica - Wow! So many amazing things to see that nature provides right here on earth. A work of art!

Rare Cloud Formations You Haven’t Seen Before

Funny pictures about Awesome Asperatus cloud at sunset in New Zealand. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Asperatus cloud at sunset in New Zealand. Also, Awesome Asperatus cloud at sunset in New Zealand photos.

“While we may look at the vast expanse of the universe and say, ‘What is man in comparison to the glory of creation?’ God Himself said we are the reason He created the universe! Compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to [Him who] created [all things] that we might reach our potential as His sons and daughters.” –Dieter F. Uchtdorf http://pinterest.com/pin/24066179228856353 from his inspiring message http://lds.org/general-conference/2011/10/you-matter-to-him

The stunning image is of a rainbow cloud, captured above Mt Everest by Oleg Bartunov whilst on an expedition in the Himalayas, Nepal. The amazing rainbow effect is created when tiny ice crystals in the water vapour of the clouds reflect the sunlight.

Tiger Milk Mushrooms

46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...

HKPolyU uses tiger milk mushroom polysaccharide-protein complex (PSP) to prepare anti-tumor selenium nanoparticles for safer cancer treatment.

How Purposed Are Life Letter Readers? . .  More Purposed . . Than A Late-Nite Liftoff At Launch Pad 39B . .  Find Renewed Purpose At the Life Letter Archives . . http://www.lifelettercafe.com/life-letter-archives-by-topic.htm

Space Shuttle Night Launch Photo I love the beauty of this photo that is presented from JPG magazine on their website. It shows the March 2008 Shuttle launch.


Pink tower of Cloud formation.) just north of & just east of Palisade & Grand Junction, Colorado.

ice ribbons

A frost flower is created on autumn or early winter mornings when ice in extremely thin layers is pushed out from the stems of plants or occasionally wood. This extrusion creates wonderful patterns which curl and fold into gorgeous frozen petioles.


I remember my Dad teaching me about the different types of clouds.this kind was always fascinating!


Makes me think God was mad at them that day Landscape Photography by Camille Seaman

Epic Grand Canyon lightning storm is captured in photos via MSN

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These awe-inspiring photos of Mother Nature might just be reason enough to give a thankful nod on Earth Day. Here, using clever low exposure techniques, photographer Rolf Maeder managed to capture multiple lightning strikes hitting the Grand Canyon.

Frozen wave in Antarctica!!

Funny pictures about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Also, Frozen Wave in Antarctica.