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Pretty candy shaped packaging in sweet pastel colours

まるでキャンディーのようなキュートなラッピング。  筒を使ってくるりと巻けば出来上がりの簡単技です♪


まるでキャンディーのようなキュートなラッピング。 筒を使ってくるりと巻けば出来上がりの簡単技です♪

オーブンシートとしてお菓子を焼いたりするときに使われるワックスペーパーですが、アイディア次第でオシャレなラッピングにも使えるんですよ。 ちょっぴり中身が透けて温かい印象のプレゼントに仕上がります。ぜひ参考にしてみてくださいね。

アレンジできちゃう!? 便利なペーパーワックスラッピングで想いを届けよう♪

オーブンシートとしてお菓子を焼いたりするときに使われるワックスペーパーですが、アイディア次第でオシャレなラッピングにも使えるんですよ。 ちょっぴり中身が透けて温かい印象のプレゼントに仕上がります。ぜひ参考にしてみてくださいね。

I think this.... with a mix of more print and not just script and then some illustration would be amazing.

8 different elements with organic shapes, different colors

Soap Packaging Ideas

soap packaging ideas (new ideas for wrapping your homemade soap)

This is soap but I love the look of the papers for candy wrapping. Murphy And Daughters Bon Bon Soap from Anthropologie



Chocolate Salami de Sea and Cane

Tendencias en packaging de comida: aspecto artesano y rústico para productos gourmet o de supermercado

Salame al Cioccolato (Chocolate Salami) by Sea + Cane Sweets

[Good Luck Candy soap (미니 캔디솝)]

I have a bunch of kbeauty packaging porn and this week's Lipstick League roundup. Brands include Half Artist, Abib, Made Fannie, Hanahzo, and Pestlo.

super kawaii packaging! <3

Fling chocolate bar packaging by Anchalee Chambundabongse

Hudson made. Fancy black soap, packaging by Hovard Design

Fancy Black Soap Package design by Hovard Design, a creative studio from New York, specialized in graphic design and branding.

patterns! and type

Student Spotlight: Veronica Stark

Medina Incense by Veronica Stark. The name was chosen to reference the ancient middle-eastern city where incense originated, and allude to the medicinal qualities of each scent.

Chocolate packaging in white color look. to order it, contact us. #chocolate #packaging for more information visit us at

"People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate, great for a wedding favor!" - I never knew People Tree did chocolate!

Packaging design by Moodley for egg liqueur Toni's Eierlikoer.

New Packaging for Toni's Eierlikoer by Moodley - BP&O

Tonis Egg Liqueur - Packaging Design by moodley brand identity , via Behance

Desig de Sant Joan                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Fold Idea - Branding and packaging for Desig de Sant Joan on Behance curated by Packaging Diva PD. Wow, look at this die-cut candy packaging design.

10 Beautiful DIY Patterns of Candy Gift Box | LIKE Us on Facebook ==>

10+ Beautiful DIY Patterns of Candy Gift Box

DIY and Crafts photos: DIY and crafts idea

Lifeboats sweets, candy, chocolate packaging design. I love the colorful little boats. #packaging

Supafrank Building brands and making things