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Tsunami Survival Pod - After watching Japan get devastated by a tsunami in the wake of the March 2011 earthquake, Australian boat builder Matt Duncan decided to put his s.

Multi-rescue Life Preserver

Current life preserver designs are useful but don't account for these simultaneous rescues. The D-Rescue Can is a rugby-ball shaped preserver, perfect for throwing, that separates

HEXA, named for its 6-sided shape, is a revolutionary life-saving device for use at sea. Because the nature of ship accidents varies greatly, both

HEXA, named for its shape, is a revolutionary life-saving device for use at sea. Because the nature of ship accidents varies greatly, both

Rescue Stick, Lifesaving Float by Sungjoon Kim, Jangwoon Kim, Sook-kyung Lee & Keunhwan Pack

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LifeSaver | Self-inflating horseshoe lifebuoy for all types of boats | Hammar

LifeSaver is a self-inflating horseshoe lifebuoy designed for all types of boats, both big and small.

A life jacket with handles that allows for easy rescue. #lifejacket #safety #YankoDesign

If you think Life Jacket Plus is another typical life jacket, then you are not checking this concept clearly. Our traditional life jacket creates difficulties

auto parachute fire rescue solution

Before writing anything about this superb auto parachute concept, I would like to say that, “Keep this parachute out of children’s reach”.


The Emergency Wet Tissue is a moist towel strategically placed in public places like the Underground Tube. The purpose is to be a handy aid during


Buoy by Liu Jiaqi, Pang Yi, Zou Yunlin and Han Zhenqi - I'll try anything that might keep the sharks away if I go overboard.

The ocean is a dangerous place and in a life or death situation, every second counts. The Titus is a motorized bodyboard designed to quickly skim the water with rider laying stomach down on top. The entire enclosure and simple propeller based propulsion system are designed to be environmentally friendly.

Titus Marine Rescue Board by Marco De Santi

Rescue Tube by Baek Mi Young

The Rescue Tube is meant for the fishermen folk who brave the high seas every single day.

by Mischa Richter. I don't know if it's in the same area of the States, but this reminds me of a book called 'Stiltsville'. There were stilt houses out on the water somewhere down in Florida. Very cool photo!

Noah's Cottage & House Boat, Provincetown, Massachusetts for those who want to live on water.