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Oh my gosh! His face! XD <3

Doctor: "I like bananas. Bananas are good 😊".(later) Jack: "Nice switch 😠" Doctor: "Don't drop the banana!" Doctor: "Good source of potassium!" Who Eccleston

Doctor Who Tardis Police Box Holiday Christmas 10 Light Set String 9' Long Dr.

First Act MG501 Ukulele

Add some festive lighting to a dull room like a true Whovian with the Doctor Who TARDIS string lights. Each miniature TARDIS is made with close attention to detail - lighting up from the inside, creating the effect it's being used by the Doctor.

Why must I always describe my pin?

900 years old… Yoda vs Doctor Who My 7 year old Nephew made a reference to this the other day( he has never seen this pin) Makes an Auntie proud.


Flappy Birds, Weeping Angels, Same Difference. doctor who and flappy birds


Doctor Who Despicable Me Minions edition. Minions and Dr Who? Be still my heart

Obviously their white so they can match your kitchen. They also come in yellow, orange, red, green, and blue.

If you're a Dalek, then why are you white? Omg my god Amy! You can't ask Daleks why they're white.

Oh, Ten. You were lovely. Kind and pure to the core. The end of time really was a harsh ending but you died FOR someone- and that is very you. Allonz-y, Ten. Your song has ended but your story will never end.<<not my caption, but yes wholeheartedly

Nothing describes the feeling at the end of a season quite as perfectly as a sad David Tennant in the rain. A sad Tennant in the rain is exactly how i feel now that Netflix doesn't have Doctor Who anymore

I just love that he teaches spanish, and I don't know why. I just laugh every time.

Funny pictures about Poor Silence Teacher. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Silence Teacher. Also, Poor Silence Teacher.

TARDIS @Carrie Mcknelly Mcknelly |  Bake No Prisoners Saw this and thought of you!

11 Functional Homemade TARDISes

Who door - good stuff. This is exactly what I want to do to my Man Cave Door!

The Silence will fall when the question is asked.

Dog Barks At Nothing. Keep Telling Yourself That. Doctor Who - The Silence

Yes! I actually had an experience kinda like this the other day! I met this guy that I've known for a long time, and realized that he was a Whovian, too!

Insta-friend :) lol«««Saw someone wearing a TARDIS dress at a concert I went to last week weekend and we have the same favorite Doctor<<<Why are people so lucky but I'm not? I think I will make my friend into a Whovian :D<< Losers, I've converted TWO

"No I failed hullabaloo"! Ha!!

Rose was perfect for the Doctor😢. Donna was perfect for the Doctor😢. Amy was perfect for the Doctor😢.

Oh, Billie...

Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) likes time lords. I want this shirt Its Glee meets doctor who