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That snotty punk you wanna slap, and yet we want him to do good because we seem to think he has redemptive value. It's what Loki wants you to think.


My king, are any of these whispers things you'd actually say? Just curious...

he looks kinda surprised. yes Loki mortals aren't as stupid as what you think

He rolled his eyes!!! Never noticed this before!!!<<< he's just like "Oh no, a cage. Wonder how long it will take me to break it."

Loki gives the look *gif* I think Tom is a little too good at that sassy eye-roll.

It's very obvious Loki was tortured into submission. I don't know how people can think he was doing this of his own free will.

Loki’s in pain. The way he grits his teeth as he sits. The way he grips onto the car.) You can see the purple bags under his eyes.

Loki smilecrying----I didn't notice it before, but he is about to cry!

Auf zur dunklen Seite! Loki wartet nicht!

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And maybe one day he'll realize that he was still Thor's favorite brother even if he wasn't Odin's favorite son.

Loki loves what he loves. He didn't hate Thor, just hated that Thor's got what he wanted