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Didn't work for me but if it worked for you plz comment down below and plz tell me what it did that would be great

It works!! <<< we'll see << i'm doing it again.. This is my first time doing this... I hope it works!

It works! <<< we'll see << i'm doing it again. This is my first time doing this. I hope it works! I hope it works too!

I know this isn't true, I just like posting these :)

Freshly baked meme for you

I hate reposting these but I really need this right now so I'm crossing my fingers<- I also hate reposting these thingd but I am bored.

Hate chains, but if anyone wants to see them, I will pin them! Comment if you want me to pin chains, like if you don't please!

Oh gosh. That was a long time ago. Ugh.....

Actually this was one of my favorite childhood shows. I really really loved it, and if I ever saw it on tv id probably still watch it haha:-)

These things are really really dumb sometimes

I yawned because it was talking about yawning and I just woke up. So I yawned looking at it haha cx

Eh what the hell might as well  Hey, that rhymes....

just for fun<<today is sunday and tomorrow is monday eek better pin it

For real!

Funny pictures about Would you like a table? Oh, and cool pics about Would you like a table? Also, Would you like a table?

Not really a reylo but damn it I NEEDED her to take his hand. Let the good guys make bad decisions

Childhood Was Used To Be Awesome With Star Wars. It made us laugh, it made us cry but above all it thought us about the most important lessons in life like friendship, bravery and love.

25 Vampire Diaries funny quotes #Vampire #Diaries

25 Vampire Diaries Funny Quotes

Seriously friends never fails to make me laugh

Joey: And you know the deal on Santa Claus, right? Phoebe: You mean. Joey: That he doesn't exist. Phoebe: Right. Friends TV show quotes Read More Funny

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21 Funny Harry Potter Tumblr Posts To Make You Feel Better

Harry learned he could talk to snakes and his first reaction was to make small talk.