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Kako Ueda  Papercut art

Kako Ueda- paper artist- hand cut out paper with watercolours

Big Paisely (Japanese Ghost Version) by Kako Ueda

“ Hand cut paper artworks by Japanese artist, Kako Ueda. In order from top to bottom: Reciprocal Pain, hand cut paper with acrylic and water colour - full view + detail of the arm + detail.

Kako Ueda - Artists - George Adams Gallery

This week we want to share with you these 10 creative artists who specialize in the classic paper techniques of marbling and paper cutting, they

Image associée

Image associée

Tim Budden - Butterfly Creation

Recently I've been thinking of my silk paper art work and my relationship with it.

Canadian artist Myriam Dion cut images with talent. Using a scalpel, this student at the University of Quebec puts to harmony and uniqueness to her work of cut lace newspapers.

Cut Lace Newspapers

Armed with a scalpel and latest edition of Le Devoir or the International Harold Tribune, Canadian artist Myriam Dion cuts rich textural patterns remeniscent of emroidered lacework right into the pages newspapers.


Kernel Detail: Macro to Micro, Intricate Paper Cut Art Inspired by Nature by artist Rogan Brown

Karen Margolis

karen margolis the enso, japanese for circle, is my inspiration for imagery. it is a sacred symbol in zen buddhism, embodying infinity.