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End of semester

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Lol, srsly I have immense respect for teachers. I barely have the patience for my own child.

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Do you want to hear a secret? You're the reason your teachers are alcoholics. I know a few kids like this!

I won't hold my breath

The first step to recovery is admitting that you're a problem.

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: 'I do this for the money,' said no teacher ever.

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: 'I do this for the money,' said no teacher ever.- For all my teacher friends!

Sorry I'm so honest

"Some things are better left unsaid. That's usually the stuff I blurt out right away". I have no filter

or I will just take a chance and throw it on in there

Funny Confession Ecard: 'Do not machine wash or tumble dry' means I will never wash this.

So me

I suffer from ADCD: Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder. It's where you start to clean one thing, but get distracted by another thing that needs cleaning. That causes you to bounce from one job to another only to end up doing a lot of work with nothing to


eCard: I feel better about myself when I'm wearing workout clothes because that means I'm one step closer to possibly maybe working out. So true!

36 Of Our Favorite Parenting Memes - LDS SMILE

36 Of Our Favorite Parenting Memes

ADKD: Attention Deficit Kid Disorder: When you attempt to wash dishes but first must fix a blanket fort, fish a toy from behind the fridge, find a binky, sing the ABCs, and. hang on I hear crying. Pennington - this is our life!

When I see how often people post about going out to eat/drink


Now I know why I turn awesome when I drink it :)

There are several ppl I can think of for this one

I will enroll in "Anger Management" classes when you enroll in "Shut The Fuck Up" and "Keep Your Fucking Nose Out Of My Business" classes.