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This needs to happen, and i need to live there! Please?!? PS apartment 221B as a penthouse ;)

Yes, but I didn't write this :-) whoever did missed Divergent, Sherlock, Hunger Games, and Marvel and the maze runner and Homestuck and etc



And I would like to thank those fan artists and fic writers, you are all great

YAAAAAAAA, I laughed at this cus they are just unknown people to most that are taking over the ship xD

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Ken Miller, Freaks and Geeks. Of course, realize this question in itself is sarcasm.


You are up to date on all the little-kid TV shows and have seen so many hours of mind-numbing television you kind of want to scoop your eyes out.

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my parents when i was little & i was displaying warning signs tbh

Trying to chat up that super cool DJ you maaaay have a teensy crush on

You said this every. single. day.: | 30 Examples Of How We Were All Sam Weir In High School

You said this every. single. day.:

Haha this is the sad facts for fangirls/boys everywhere.

Levi and Hanji, Sasha and Connie (both from Attack on Titan), Max and Fang (Maximum Ride), Rock and Revy (Black Lagoon)

Have You Ever Wondered Where Books Come From?

Funny pictures about How Books Are Really Made. Oh, and cool pics about How Books Are Really Made. Also, How Books Are Really Made photos.