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Soviet Bus Stops

Bus stops in the Soviet Union – Christopher Herwig Are you accustomed to boring and monotonous bus stops? Photographer Christopher Herwig, brings us photos of bus stops, which he took in the former Soviet Union.

A Winning Concept For A Gorgeous Rest Stop With Free Wi-Fi

A Winning Concept For A Gorgeous Rest Stop With Free Wi-Fi

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Agosto, moglie mia non ti conosco…

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Historic and ethnographic museum on Sulaiman-Too mountain in Osh, Kirghizia. Built in 1978 as a huge glassed concrete arch which in fact closes the entry to the cave. Initially planned to use it for a restaurant but it never happened.

Soviet Modernism - Lenin Museum (now Historical Museum), 1984, Bishkek

Gallery of Soviet Modernism 1955-1991: Unknown Stories - 3

Image 3 of 28 from gallery of Soviet Modernism Unknown Stories. Lenin Museum (now Historical Museum), Bishkek, Kyrgystan © Simona Rota

Советские автобусные остановки. Фотограф Кристофер Хервиг • НОВОСТИ В ФОТОГРАФИЯХ

Tursunzoda, Tajikistan bus stop from Soviet Bus Stop Photos by Photographer Christopher Herwig.

riccardo bofill, la fabrica

A Former Cement Factory - The New Workspace and Residence of Ricardo Bofill


furtho: “Ursula Schulz-Dornburg’s photograph of passengers at a bus shelter, Armenia ”

Cultural landscape: Soviet Bus Stops and wooden Orthodox churches

Soviet Bus Stops

Christopher Herwig is raising funds for Soviet Bus Stops - Limited edition photo book on Kickstarter! Printing of a photo book showcasing the most mind-blowing collection of creative bus stop design from the Soviet era ever assembled.

A bus stop in Lithuania, photographed by Chris Herwig

Roadside Temples: Unusual Bus Stops Of The Soviet Era (A bus stop in Falesti, Moldova)

These Soviet-era Bus Stops Are Surprisingly Beautiful

These are not your standard photo subject and Soviet-era bus stops can be bloody hard to find. They may be visible from the road, but these bus stops sit on some very remote roads!

The Palace of ceremonial rites, Tbilisi, Georgia. Masterpiece of the Soviet modernism erected in 1985._Soviet Brutalist architecture  #socialist #brutalism #architecture

Wedding Palace (Tbilisi, Georgia, Soviet Architecture by Frederic Chaubin. It's now privately owned and seems to be uninhibited.

Russie  Plus de découvertes sur Souterrain-Lyon.com

Over the course of 12 years, photographer Christopher Herwig traveled more than miles around Eastern Europe to photograph the incredible, brutalist, experimental, and downright bizarre bus s…