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Puente de Serranos - Valencia

Puente de Serranos - Valencia

❤️ The Fault In Our Stars Book by John Green. I loved this book...couldn't put it down!

The Fault In Our Stars Book by John Green, read this summer and saw the movie right afterwards 2014

Diy Bookcase: Guidelines That Will Help You In Making A Perfect Bookcase

Diy Bookcase: Guidelines That Will Help You In Making A Perfect Bookcase

This was really clever! Again, painted black,and then it´s ready to storage all my craft boxes Zwevende Kast prateleiras nicho


I actually plan to open my own bookstore someday, lets bring bookstores back!

Perfecto almuerzo de verano: Fácil Aguacate y Provolone Turquía Wraps.  Éstos se pueden hacer en menos de 10 minutos!  Ellos están sanos, simple y SOO delicioso.  Me preparar estos para el almuerzo cada semana y mis hijos nunca se quejan!

June Pinterest Pick 3

Perfect Summer Lunch: Easy Avocado and Provolone Turkey Wraps. These Can Be Made In Under 10 Minutes! They Are Healthy, Simple, And SOO Delicious. I Prepare These For Lunch Every Week And My Kids Never Complain! - good for school lunch

Dining Room (from Brunch at Saks, via Papernstitch)

Interior Obsessions - Brights

mismatched chairs are so fun! Dining room or restaurant décor idea using found pieces: Orange industrial/barn lights, [painted orange, ochre, grey chairs, white table. All works!

A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Husseini http://yourteenmag.com/2012/03/parentteen-book-review/

Great Reads For Teens: A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns: Khaled Hosseini - Probably the best book I've read in a decade. I couldn't do The Kite Runner. I knew what it was about and just couldn't read it. This book was amazing.

Kroelian Squirtle by Darksilvania

Find Pokemon* Coins* Pokeballs and more from all around the world without leaving your home! NO ROOT NEEDED!

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Dapple grey horse and husky dog in the snow. Just beautiful! - These two look like they are best friends!

I love the pirates of the Caribbean series it's one of my fav from Disney

Top 40 Humorous Quotes

I've actually started a book it's just about finishing it!! I think it's wonderful that people are willing to put their time and effort in writing a book for others to enjoy and learn from, I would also like to make that happen for someone.

7 Books I Read Over and Over Again