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haha great! But I didn't do the pole, Pringles, or jello

What 90's kids did when they were a kid.

I thought I was the only one who raced raindrops! And pro tip: when bumping down the stairs use a sleeping bag to go faster. And I didn't play superhero I played robot! <<<<<<< I race raindrops, i didn't know that about the stairs, and I play robot!

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Poor man lost his precious vegetables, and to a stranger no less


What the American schooling system teaches children. All we will remember of school is either crying about how horrible and difficult it was or the friends we made.


Powerpuff girls = Origianal Mean Girls- laughed way harder than I should have.


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Can we see the child fall in love with the boogeyman and him fall for her but have a struggle with killing kids?

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Am I the only one that was fine in the block pit? Or am I a natural block pit person thing?<----These things hate me. <----- BLOCK PITS HATE ME and im glad i found out im supposed to roll not try and walk hehe oops.

15 Jokes And Short Stories

15 Jokes And Short Stories

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Chicas superpoderosas

That awkward moment when you crush on an animated fictional character and are all "Why can't all cis het guys be like Mark Ruffalo and Professor Utonium?