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Lecciones sobre insectos con arcilla

Proyectos con cartón reciclado

Lecciones sobre insectos con arcilla

AGRIMONIA http://www.plantas-medicinal-farmacognosia.com/productos-naturales/agrimonia/

AGRIMONIA http://www.plantas-medicinal-farmacognosia.com/productos-naturales/agrimonia/

How to make a pebble mosaic tile : I have lots of rocks collected from random beaches and rivers that are dying to become something like this =)

Ward's Island Community Pebble Mosaic Project: How to make a Pebble Mosaic - Could we do something like this and make at walk way in community garden? Small pavers with mosaics?

Bichito de Luz <3

The firefly, or lightning bug. Very nice to see at night in the south. Putting them in a jar by the bed.

Αποτελούμε μια από τις πιο παλιές αποφρακτικές εταιρίες αποκαθιστώντας αποφράξεις σε όλο τον νομό Αττικής με σύγχρονα πιεστικά μηχανήματα και άρτια εκπεδευμένους τεχνικούς.

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Cómo eliminar colémbolos

eliminar colémbolos


Dishfunctional Designs Upcycled barbed wire trellis for your garden by Thedustyraven via Etsy

El proceso de la fotos�ntesis en una sola imagen

El proceso de la fotos�ntesis en una sola imagen

Silk worms and mulberry leaves in Suzhou, China

I love silkworms -- it's amazing how these little critters can eat mulberry leaves and turn them into silk! They're definitely not to be taken for granted. Feed them with red cabbage and get a multy color poop.

Caterpillars go through a metamorphosis and change into butterflies or moths.

This is an example of how living things grow and develop. The caterpillar goes into a cocoon then comes out and has turned into a butterfly. The caterpillar turns into something different than it was before and it is doing different functions.

Holly's Arts and Crafts Corner: 2012: Mommy Art Camp--Paper Bird Cages

2012: Mommy Art Camp--Paper Bird Cages

Holly's Arts and Crafts Corner: Mommy Art Camp--Paper Bird Cages Cute for spring. This would work with our musical bird craft

Papallones de Catalunya

Papallones de Catalunya

DIY Mosaic Birthbath

DIY Mosaic bird bath made of terra cotta pot and saucer. Very creative and inexpensive to do - would be great on a deck.

Wonderful duel elements here. Wind being the primary..but water is strong to..the Perfect Feng Shui..Wind .

5 Wonderful Rain Chains

5 Wonderful Rain Chains Roundup (Apartment Therapy) (Amazing Rain Chain - Custom Order from Coast Chimes. Made of blue glass, copper and driftwood by designer Tim Cline.