seabois: “ E. Hoffmann´s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King Illustrared by Artuš Scheiner. Published in 1924 in Prague.

John Bauer 1908 “Svanhamnen” (Helena Nyblom från “Bland Tomtar och Troll”

sinisetrunot: Swan Suit by Swedish illustrator John Bauer, from the book Svanhamnen by Helena Nyblom. A princess lost her swan suit - a cloak that transformed her into a swan. She is shown here gazing wistfully at her sisters in the sky.

Artuš Scheiner - Illustration for Fairy Tales by K.J. Erben

Artuš Scheiner - Illustration for Fairy Tales by K.

Jolly Calle and other Swedish Fairy Tales by Helena Nyblom illustrated by Charles Folkard. Charles James Folkard (6 April 1878 – 26 February 1963) was an English illustrator. He worked as a conjurer before becoming a prolific illustrator of children’s books.

““The wild waves of the sea” she cried aloud, “The wild waves of the sea.” Illustration by Charles Folkard taken from ‘Jolly Calle and Other Swedish Fairy Tales’ by Helena Nyblom. Published 1912 by.

Image credit: Artuš Scheiner for Under Command Of Magic by J. Š. Kubín (1920s), via Flavorwire.

Exquisite Bohemian Fairy Tale Illustrations by Artuš Scheiner

The Flying Trunk. From “Andersen’s Fairy Tales” illustrated by Artuš Scheiner (1934)

The Flying Trunk, from Andersen's Märchen (Andersen’s Fairy Tales) edited by Eduard von der Hellen, and illustrated by Artuš Scheiner, 1934

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"Cory Godbey is an illustrator and animator based in Greenville, South Carolina whose work utilizes elegant lines, stylized drawing and deep, carefully limited color palettes to achieve wonderful effe (Top Design Drawing)


Artus Scheiner: Fairy Tale – Illustrations

Artuš Scheiner, illustration from unknown book, maybe from Andersens Märchen / Andersen's Fairy Tales' edited by Eduard von der Hellen, 1934

Illus. by Artuš Scheiner for Zlatovláska / Princess Goldie by Karel Jaromír Erben

Artuš Scheiner, illustration from the book Zlatovláska, "The Firebird and Ryška the fox" tale, by Karel Jaromír Erben